A simple man who made me into the independent, educated, strong and determined woman I am today. Not only did I follow my dreams of educating the young to make sure that they receive the foundation they need. But with that, I have come across so many families that have touched my life. If I can send one message out to my family and friends, it is to appreciate life, cherish every day and show your love and compassion in life without jealousy.

I have developed this foundation to help families in need at one point or another we all need an extra push. I want to be able to extend my help and support to others, no matter how big or small.

About Us

Sylvia Bastone

Growing up I was fortunate to have everything I needed. Dinner every night at 7 pm sharp, a warm house which my parents like many worked hard for. My dad worked three jobs and my mom worked two jobs. My dad always said I figured you out with pen and paper and made sure I would be able to give you everything, and that they did. I was the first to graduate college. I even earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education in honor of my parents.

One thing that has stood out to me was my dad. We didn't go out much, but if we did, my dad would tip well even went looking for the busboy. He would tell me, "honey they work hard for peanuts" and would hand them money directly to make sure the money would go in the right hands. My dad said that if you can't afford to go out then stay put, famous words. My father was always worried about his family back home sending money to his mom, Aunt, and cousin. I remember traveling to my dad's hometown with luggage full of dresses for my grandma, sneakers (Reeboks to be exact) for my cousins and coats and warm clothing because winters were cold and long.

Joseph M. Rot Foundation - Founder 

The Joseph M. Rot Foundation is a NY State not for profit, 501c3, providing help and support to families in need on Long Island, NY .

Overall my dad worried for others, but a very simple man for himself. He walked around with a few dollars in his pocket and brought lunch from home and a thermos of coffee every day to work. My dad raised me saying that money is not to be squandered. Still, I look back and couldn't ask for a better childhood. As much as my parents work their love was enough for me. Weekends spent going food shopping in Arthur Ave with mom and her friend Antoinette, buying all the meat, fish, and vegetables my grandma would need to have so we could have a warm meal. We all needed to be at the dinner table, it didn't matter what was going on. That time was important to discuss our day. Good or bad we knew what the family experience was. After dinner my mom, dad, and grandma would gather to sew outfits that my mom brought home from the factory, to make extra money.